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Equine And Canine 

Hoof AND Woof provides expert training to Dog's And Horses, serving animal owners in Skagit, Whatcom, Island, and Snohomish counties.


Basic obedience or "on lead" training is a 7 week course conducted in either a group setting or private lessons. Dogs are trained using the O.U.T. training method. Advanced "off lead" training is also available.

  • Obedience
  • Understanding
  • Training

With this training method, your dog learns to respond to all three modes of communication. Voice, hand gestures, and body posture. You will also learn from this training. Lessons like why your dog doesn't always want to please and that its thought and communication process is not like a human. O.U.T training is fun and easy. Best of all, your results are guaranteed!

Counseling Sessions

When there is an issue needing more in-depth work, look at the unique Canine Counseling service offered by Angela. She will come to your home to observe the pet and family in their environment. She can then see issues with interactions and help you and your pet overcome issues as they arise. This special counseling helps you and your dog get the most out of your relationship!


Training can be done in either a group or individual setting. Individual training may be done at either your location or ours. We work with all skill levels and ages to insure everyone has the skills to fully enjoy their horse. We provide riding lessons at you location or ours. We help you learn the basics of riding including balance and coordination.

A properly trained horse is less likely to misbehave, and will be a much safer animal to ride if he has been taught not to behave in a way that will cause a serious injuries. A well-trained horse will be much more patient with the odd habits of the untrained person.

Other Services

  • Assistance in helping you choose the correct horse for you
  • Horses for Sale
  • Riding skills lessons
  • Horse trailer loading
  • Behavior assessment

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