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Angela has over 30 years’ experience training horses, dogs, and their owners. Growing up with animals and working on a dude ranch before she was ten gave Angela a great deal of early knowledge about how the relationship between animals and humans could be. It was there she found her true calling and passion. 

At the age of 18 Angela started to really study, learn, and train horses. Angela says horses are great teachers and she has learned many of her lessons and techniques from being attentive to the feedback they provide. Angela has developed a level of communication with horses that has served her well in helping her clients and horses learn about each other. 

One of the discoveries Angela has made over the years is how similar training horses and dogs is. Angela has taken that discovery and turned it into a successful method of training in both the equine and canine worlds. Angela's passion is working with dogs, horses, and their owners to help them get a lifetime of enjoyment from each other.

"Don't get rid of the animal, get rid of the problem!"

Hoof And Woof

Angela Trainor - Owner

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