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Hoof AND Woof Presents Outstanding Canine School


Dogs are one of the most cherished pets in every part of the world. They are well received in more homes than any other domestic animal ever. Though they are in general affectionate, devoted and faithful, they can be taught to be more compliant. A well trained and well behaved dog is more cherished in any family and is shown more affection and consideration.


Horse training starts with a skill assessment of both horse and rider.  This initial evaluation of how they work together allows the creation of a realistic expectation of succes, and development of a personalized program. This program makes best use of the time, develops the desired and required skills needed, and creates a higher level of enjoyment for both horse and rider.

Hoof And Woof 

Presents Outstanding Canine School

Angela Trainor - Owner

Address: 16173 B A Benson Rd, Bow, Washington 98232

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